Female led & inspired sport career mentorship

A fearless mindset and belief in your capabilities to achieve your personal & professional goals in your chosen sport-oriented career

The opportunity to explore what a meaningful sport career can be with support & understanding.


Focusing on you by dismissing the limits of stereotypes, egos, or even your own self-doubt.

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An opportunity for Everyone

Full time. Part time. All levels of sport. All professions supporting sport. 

Workshop Events

Monthly webinars focused on empowering & building your professional skill sets.  

Team Huddles

Small group, virtual breakout sessions held monthly to connect, discuss, inquire, & grow you. 


Pair up with one of our Mentors and meet regularly to work towards your personal & professional goals.  

A team here for YOU


Our diverse group of mentors stretch across the spectrum of sport careers. Each with experiences of success & struggle to relate and support you 


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What can you expect from Fearless & Capable membership?

Fearless mentorship and capable resources to emerging females in sport career fields to encourage personal and professional development.

Individual and Organization/Partner Memberships both available. 


This process is about you. Resources available & continuously adding on to give you the power to take what you need, when you need it


Everyday access to a network in sports that provides you with opportunities to ask questions, gather feedback, & support one another.


In our one-on-one program, mentoring agreements & regular check-ins to ensure you are supported while working towards your goals.

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