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Fearlessly pursing action to be better tomorrow

May 25, 2022

Awaking with the thoughts of yesterday's mass shooting at the elementary school in Uvalde, Texas in the middle of the night and this morning was heavy. Heartbreak, anger, and guilt were the emotions I sat with as I lay on the couch at 2:00 am with my daughter laying next to me fast asleep. She, unknowing of the past day's events, had a nightmare of a monster coming for her. It was difficult to tell her that it's not necessarily true. 

I so desperately want others to pursue their dreams fearlessly. I want my daughter, my son, their peers, my family, friends and acquaintances, and even my doubters to have the opportunity to pursue dreams fearlessly. 

And what we all realize too regularly at this point is that the fear of the 'possibility to destroy' is close.

Uncomfortably close. So close that it stokes fires of fear within us. It is in our face close, that choosing to look away is not an option. 

And we must look at that fear of the 'possibility to destroy' straight in the eyes and see the ugly monster that it is. 

And just as my daughter called upon me with her nightmare, we must call upon one another for the support to face it. With the realization of how close each and everyone of us are to the "possibility", we need one another now more than ever. 

And what I so desperately want more than for everyone to reach their dreams, is for everyone to remember that when we face fear, being fearless means we keep taking the steps forward for change despite those fears.

And the monsters we are facing needs the collective capabilities of all of us. The real change comes when we unite in taking real action steps together.

I ask that each of you take time today to reflect and feel the anxiety of the situation. 

And then you take some action towards the change you want to see. Call someone to talk it out or check in, read up and educate yourself, join an activist group, petition for laws and support, or whatever your mind and heart believe will help us to pursue the real change we need. 

We are capable together.

As always, be Fearless & Capable today.



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