Membership begins Summer 2021

Fearless & Capable's membership program goes live this summer. Be one of the first to join this platform for women in sport careers that includes a network, workshop events, small group mentoring, job boards, resources and more. 

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What is Fearless & Capable?

Fearless & Capable, LLC is a female inspired and led membership program focused on creating impactful women to lead sport organizations into a more successful and inclusive future. The membership will focus on providing consistent, stable mentorship for women in sport career fields and professions through a number of avenues including, but not limited to member only access platform with self-paced development courses, monthly virtual events, networking opportunities, and one-on-one accountability driven mentoring sessions.


To bring consistent and impactful mentorship and resources to females in sport career fields to promote personal and professional development.

The Game Plan

Building relationships founded in trust, confidentiality, communication, and courage.

Engaging membership platform that women in sports will identify with while working towards their ideal life, career, and self.

  • Regular opportunity to engage in skill development in Workshop Events
  • Networking and collective reflection in Team Huddle
  • Direct, accountable one-on-one attention working with a Fearless & Capable mentor
  • Self-paced courses to reflect and plan