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New York State West Soccer Association!

Investing and supporting their staff with mentorship with Fearless & Capable programming. 

Organizational Partner

December 17, 2021 - Fearless & Capable is proud to announce the newest organization partner, New York State West Soccer Association (NYSWSA). The state association has been actively working to support females in coaching through the WomenInCoaching initiative. The NYSW WomenInCoaching meets regularly to discuss the barriers that prevent women from pursuing the role of coach at the fields. 

Fearless & Capable will provide the opportunity for meaningful mentorship from women working across the country to the female coaches in NYSWSA. Female coaches will be able to join the growing Fearless & Capable membership program, and explore one-on-one mentoring sessions with a trained mentor to expand on the capabilities they each uniquely hold as a coach.  

Fearless & Capable owner, Candice Fabry, stated, 

“New York State West Soccer Association and its WomenInCoaching initiative is a project that Fearless & Capable is excited to come alongside. The state’s actions to positively impact the experience and number of females will continue to raise and give opportunities to women working across New York West. I sincerely thank Diana Groth and the entire NYSWSA staff for the opportunity to assist with the mentoring aspects of this increasingly important initiative.”

To find out more about the New York State West Soccer Association and its WomenInCoaching initiative, please visit https://nyswysa.demosphere-secure.com/coaches/womenincoaching.

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