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June 3, 2022Fearless & Capable (F&C) and Esports & Online Gaming Association (ESOGA) Announce Strategic Partnership
Mentorship services are expanding into the rapidly growing esports community. 

Fearless & Capable’s female led mentorship organization provides personalized mentorship services and support for athletes and youth. Through this partnership, F&C and ESOGA are increasing the reach of mentorship services for youth, women, and underserved demographics in sports and esports alike.   

ESOGA’s esports programs and virtual communities provide safe, inclusive environments supported by screened and trained coaches. It is these coaches that directly support youth while further emphasizing ESOGA’s core principles  – integrity, education, safety, experience, and balance. With this partnership, F&C’s mentorship services will extend to the members and families of ESOGA beyond coaching, and further support the voice of women and minorities in the growing industry of esports. 

"Esports is a rapidly expanding industry and I was excited at the opportunity to partner with an organization that I believe is approaching this community with a high level of integrity and prioritizing safety. In recent months, I have begun to learn so much and connect with a handful of women working in esports. I know that ESOGA is an organization that values diversity and inclusion, and their mission and values align to the goals of Fearless & Capable. We are all looking forward to the opportunity to collaborate and increase support and representation of women and minorities within the esports community.”  Candice Fabry, Founder & CEO of Fearless & Capable, LLC. 

ESOGA’s STEM Accredited™ programs combined with F&C’s mentoring focus, are creating communities that support the development and education of youth. With popular video game titles like Minecraft, ESOGA will be hosting special events that engage youth and raise awareness to those seeking the benefits that F&C’s mentorships offer. Furthermore, parents that are concerned with online safety can rest easy knowing that ESOGA regulates content and peer-to-peer interactions, and is compliant with COPPA (Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act).

“Too often individuals are not afforded adequate mentorship services. With Fearless & Capable’s help, we will increase the availability of mentorship services to our members and extend those benefits to the communities we serve. As a women’s led organization that supports athletes of any sport, we are excited to partner with Fearless & Capable to benefit esports athletes and further empower women and underrepresented demographics.” Nate Parent, Founder & CEO of ESOGA.

For more information, please visit www.fearlessandcapable.com and www.esoga.gg.


Fearless & Capable, LLC is a female owned and led mentorship organization focused on creating impactful women to lead sport organizations into a more successful and inclusive future. Fearless & Capables services focus on providing consistent, stable mentorship for women in sport career fields and professions through a number of avenues including, but not limited to member only access platform with self-paced development courses, monthly virtual events, networking opportunities, and one-on-one accountability driven mentoring sessions


Founded in 2019, Esports and Online Gaming Association™ (ESOGA) is a national leader in the grassroots movement of esports. ESOGA provides structured youth and community programs with trained esports coaches supporting fun, interactive, and value-based gaming experiences. Through ESOGA’s virtual communities, gamers are empowered in positive ways to enjoy the video games they love while being encouraged to emphasize core values such as integrity and living an overall balanced life.

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