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Kansas State Youth Soccer Association!

Investing and supporting their staff with mentorship with Fearless & Capable programming. 

Organizational Partner

January 14, 2022 - Fearless & Capable is proud to announce the newest organization partner, Kansas State Youth Soccer Association (KSYSA). The partnership between Fearless & Capable and Kansas State Youth Soccer will focus on supporting female coaches, referees, and administrators across the state by providing the opportunity for meaningful mentorship from women across the country to the females working in Kansas. 

Female coaches, referees and administrators will be able to join the growing Fearless & Capable membership program, and explore one-on-one mentoring sessions with a trained mentor to grow their skill sets in a holistic and supportive environment.  

Kansas State Youth Soccer Association’s Executive Director, Joe Burger, had this to say about the Fearless & Capable partnership,

"Kansas Youth Soccer is excited to partner with Fearless & Capable in working to provide opportunities for women to grow individually alongside female mentors that have been through similar trials and tribulations as a coach, referee, and administrator in the game of soccer and sport in general. Empowering women, creating a supportive environment for women, and providing a pathway for growth is important for learning. Kansas Youth Soccer is committed to creating environments for women who desire to work in the game and within leadership roles. Partnering with Fearless & Capable absolutely helps Kansas Youth Soccer provide an avenue for women to grow their individual confidence and skill sets to overcome barriers and find success working in soccer."

Fearless & Capable owner, Candice Fabry, stated, 

“Kansas is where I currently call home, and I have worked alongside the association in a number of ways since I arrived. It is evident in all of their programming that they are continuously striving for more inclusivity in all facets of the game, and partnering with organizations that make the game better today than it was yesterday. I am thrilled at the opportunity to work with my fellow Kansas neighbors in supporting their desires to thrive in the impact they can make for the game of soccer. ”

To find out more about the Kansas State Youth Soccer Association, please visit https://www.kansasyouthsoccer.org.

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