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Investing and supporting women with mentorship with Fearless & Capable programming. 

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February 1, 2022 - We are welcoming Kansas City Scott Gallagher (KCSG) as the newest partner of Fearless & Capable. As partners, Fearless & Capable and Kansas City Scott Gallagher will work together to provide mentorship to the women working within the club. KCSG wants their members to respect all aspects of the game including parents, coaches, opponents, referees, and facilities. They want players to play the game with passion, yet have humility in everything they do. KCSG believes they are stronger together and promote unity in their club, their teams, and their community.

Girls Director of Coaching, Dan Naidu, stated,

"Kansas City Scott Gallagher is excited to partner with Fearless & Capable to continue to provide and expand opportunities for women in youth soccer. Partnering with an organization whose mission and vision resonate closely helps facilitate this process and provide our players and staff with strong mentors and like-minded professionals. We recognize that players and coaches will benefit from our direct investment in developing our staff to reach their aspirations and goals. Fearless & Capable is leading the way in our community with an innovative approach to dismissing the limits of stereotypes, egos, or even your own self-doubt."

Fearless & Capable owner, Candice Fabry, shared,

“Dan has been consistent in his words and actions of supporting women working in soccer, and it is evident that KCSG encourages their coaches to grow on their capabilities and develop into the coaches they desire to be. Finding pathways that their coaching staff can have access to high quality, relatable mentorship is part of the equation. The mentors and I at Fearless & Capable look forward to working with the KCSG staff.”

To find out more about the Kansas City Scott Gallagher, please visit www.kcsgsoccer.org.

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