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Investing and supporting women with mentorship with Fearless & Capable programming. 

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February 3rd, 2022 -  Fearless & Capable is excited to announce a mutually supportive relationship with The Sports Bra Project. The Sports Bra Project is an incredible organization that is doing amazing work around the globe for young girls and women. Founder Sarah Dwyer-Shick is a passionate, driven woman that truly models the impact on female experiences when one is willing to have the conversation and then, act. Sarah had this to say about partnering with Fearless & Capable. 

"The Sports Bra Project has always been about more than sports bras. At our core is a commitment to normalize women in leadership positions in sports and to provide opportunities for female athletes to gain the experiences needed to take on these roles. The mission of Fearless & Capable to create 'The opportunity to explore what a meaningful sport career can be with support & understanding' aligns perfectly with these goals and we look forward to collaborating to create opportunities and space for women in all areas of sports."

We encourage each of you to look into The Sports Bra Project and all the opportunities your team or organization could become involved and support the project.

Visit https://www.thesportsbraproject.org/ to learn more. Questions? You can reach out directly to Sarah at [email protected] 

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