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Wichita Academy!

Investing and supporting women with mentorship with Fearless & Capable programming. 

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March 3, 2022 - We are excited to onboard Wichita Academy as the newest partner of Fearless & Capable. As partners, Fearless & Capable and Wichita Academy will work together to provide mentorship to the women working and girls participating within the organization. Wichita Academy empowers their players to be creative, confident and skilled through a variety of program offerings year round. 

Owner of Wichita Academy, Kyle Eno, stated,

"Wichita Academy is excited to partner with Fearless & Capable, which will allow us to provide better resources, education and support, to develop both our female players and female coaches around Wichita!"

Fearless & Capable owner, Candice Fabry, shared,

“Kyle and Wichita Academy are dedicated to creating holistic programming for their players, and that will come through with a diversified, knowledgeable staff. We look forward to working alongside their initiatives and programs to create an experience that all staff can be proud of.” 

To find out more about the Wichita Academy, please visit https://wichitaacademy.com/.

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