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Women Kick Balls!

Investing and supporting women with mentorship with Fearless & Capable programming. 

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June 17, 2022 - We welcome Women Kick Balls as the newest partner of Fearless & Capable. As partners, Fearless & Capable and Women Kick Balls will work together to keep attention and support on the women playing, working, and contributing to sport. 

Founder, Jackie Gutierrez, stated,

“The incredible work that Fearless & Capable is doing to create a more inclusive community by empowering women in sports with the proper tools is an exciting mission to take part in. I'm so excited to kick off this partnership to continue growing in our aligned objectives for the future growth of women in sports.”

Owner of Fearless & Capable, Candice Fabry, shared,

“Jackie's energy and enthusiasm for shining the light on women's sports is contagious. She has combined passion and work ethic to make an incredible publication that every woman in sports, especially those involved with soccer, should subscribe to. I am thrilled to have the opportunity and support the words and work of Women Kick Balls.”

To subscribe and find out more about Women Kick Balls, please visit womenkickballs.com.

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