To bring consistent and impactful mentorship and resources to females in sport career fields to promote personal and professional development.

Hello, I'm Candice Fabry.


Founder & Owner

Current resident of Kansas City, Kansas | Proud supporter of U.S. WNT & Chelsea FC  | Raised in Naperville, IL | University of Toledo Graduate & Women’s Soccer Team Alum | Master’s Degree in Sport Management from University of Illinois-Champaign | U.S. Soccer Licensed Coach and Grassroots Instructor | Outspoken survivor of sexual assault | Proud wife & mother

Traci Garcia

After the months of conflict and uncertainty...

After months of heartache and a lack of confidence..

After months of concern...You swooped in and relieved me. You blindly helped me and lent more of your heart than I ever expected. I can not believe the support you gave me and can not begin to express in words, how much growth your guidance created in me.

Erica Demers

I have thoroughly enjoyed this collaborative initiative that Candice has created through Fearless and Capable. As one of the mentors, being a part of this has been a great experience to help guide my mentee through topics of her choice.

Through a working partnership we worked to explore areas and create an environment of growth. This journey has been amazing and extremely rewarding!

Lora Gralheer

Fearless & Capable helped connect me to a group of strong, accomplished, formidable female coaches from around the country. It created opportunities for me to meet new people, learn new skills, and invited me to reflect on my own coaching journey as well. Could not recommend this program highly enough as it provides you with the chance to invest in yourself and introduces you to others that are equally willing to invest in you too!

My story as an athlete, coach, administrator, educator, director, and more includes all the ups and downs with the good, bad, and ugly that comes as a female in sports.

Setbacks, successes, injuries, trophies, abuse, recognition, disordered patterns of eating, promotions, sexual assault, discrimination, and an undeniable love for giving back to the sport. Throughout it all, my mentors supported and guided me.

In my experience, the undeniable difference between women that achieve and persevere, and those that leave careers in sport behind is the existence of mentorship.

This is where my journey meets my purpose. Fearless & Capable has been created to change the experience of women in coaching, refereeing, administration, sports medicine, journalism, and more. If you want to impact sport and your career, then you have a home here at Fearless & Capable. Our diverse mentors and programming will be here to support and guide your pursuits through it all. As a mentee, you have access to committed, proven professionals and experts in the career field.

Everyone everywhere deserves the right to find a quality network of support to grow professionally and personally. We are here to help you get closer to your ideals in life, career, and self.  Be Fearless. Be Capable.  

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Additionally, I have spoken about my lived experiences of sexual assault. Below are the articles featuring my lived experiences, but please be aware it does include detailed information about sexual assault. 

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